Regional Sustainable Energy Center of Excellence for Sub Saharan Africa

RSECE will work to provide leadership promoting the intelligent use of Africa's natural assets for sustainable development. By strengthening the ability of Africans, in particular Sub Saharan, to integrate renewable energy responses into national development processes, this will ensure that natural resources are produced, processed and consumed in an environmentally sustainable way, thus paving the way to the Renewable Economy, in which environmental impact is decoupled from economic growth and social cobenefits are optimized. Minimal threats to human well-being from the environmental causes and consequences of existing and potential natural and man-made disasters, ensure that environmental governance and interactions at the Sub Sahara Africa are strengthened to address environmental priorities to ensure that Sub Saharan Africa use the ecosystem approach:

The holistic management of land, water and living resources to promote conservation and sustainable use to enhance human well-being for renewable energy production and consumption. The main purpose of this Regional Sustainable Energy Centre of Excellence forSub Saharan Africa is to make Africa self-sustaining, self-reliant, and independent by producing and harnessing available energy within our manpower through the training of our local engineers and scientists, which are in short supply, to be able to Manufacture, Design, Share Ideas, Programme, Project, Agree, Experiment, Be Practical, Affordable, Proven, efficicient, Generate, Diversify, Experience, Evaluate, Pilot, Specialize, Commercialize, Install, Assess, Monitor, Test, Simulate, Develop, Operate, Maintain, Become Responsible, Grow, Couple, Manage and Sustain those machineries so that we can consume what we produce and produce what we consume. The future generations should expect to have their energy needs be reliable and sustainable. This has us more concerned than ever before with figuring out hwo we can tap renewable energies to make a long-run contribution that is environmentally compatible and climate friendly for the development of Sub-Saharan Africa.

About Musamad Nigeria Ltd

With experience in 25 years in Africa, America, Europe and Middle East.
Key skills and competences
Strong leadership skills in board governance, new business development

  1. 1. Comprehensive understanding of financial management principles
  2. 2. Entrepreneurial with commercial acumen and excellent management skills
  3. 3. A motivated team players who are result driven
  4. 4. Results oriented with a positive outlook, and a clear focus on high quality and business profit

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  7. 7. Cost Control
  8. 8. Financial Governance
  9. 9. Cost Reduction Synergies