Message From the Chairman

NIP Message

Message from the Chairman

National Intervention Project is a scheme to advance Nigeria to greatness by improving the state of infrastructures from decay as it is today in our local government areas of Nigeria. The recent survey and result showed that the real sectors of development Water, Health, Education and Entrepreneurship Training and Development are in a coma state, dilapidated, untreated, disjointed and unserved for decades.

In Intervention Project, we believe in four key steps in our proposed project implementation for a holistic and evidence-based model to inform decisions about investment in Water, Health, Education and Entrepreneurship Training and Development in Nigeria.

1. Data Collection and Analysis

Our consultant will collect data and analyse the data in every local government areas. Such data collection will show the needs of the local government area in Wate, Health, Education and Entrepreneurship.


2. Identification of Challenges

In Water, Health, Education and Entrepreneurship Training and Development by knowing the requirement of borehole maintenance, solarize borehole, piping connections, mono borehole and motorize borehole, school construction and maintenance, school capacity, school amenities and utilities, school maintenance, school furniture’s, instructional materials, construction and maintenance of dispensaries and primary health centers, drug revolving loan, ambulance, training in entrepreneurial capacity to manage businesses and giving loans and grants to establish business.

3. Development of a set of criteria to prioritize investments Project

There will be form for every local government to fill at the criteria of profiling, the project is been budgeted in N1.8 Trillion Naira ($5 Billion Dollars) for four years. This presents an opportunity to address large disparities in water, health, Education and Entrepreneurship infrastructural decay of 774 local government areas. By applying and using criteria in Water, Health, Education and Entrepreneurship Development and applying transparent, data driven and holistic set of criteria, the national Intervention Projects will ensure that the projects will strike an optimal balance between efficiency, equity and sector specific needs of the 774 local government areas of Nigeria.

4. Monitoring and Evaluation of the implementation of the new model

The final step is to monitor the application of the criteria in practice and that is why in National Intervention Projects we created a department to handle that issue, this will be supported by using Geographical Information System (GIS) to monitor projects and physical evaluation and Assessment. There is no doubt if the above intervention facilities are made available in Water, Health, Education and Entrepreneurship Development are made available will have direct impacts on the basics needs of 774 local government areas which are not only essential to life but seriously required to live as human beings.

The economic growth and national development of any country depends on the availability of water needs, Health needs, Education Training and opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop and scale up. There must be an environment to be created for Nigeria to develop, we can’t continue to neglect these sectors. Considering the impacts of this projects and its consequences, is the main reason we want investment in these four sectors namely, Water, Health, Education and Entrepreneurship and we will work with all the stakeholders, investors and whoever want to participate.

Thank you very much for your consideration and cooperation.

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Alh. M. A. Mohammed
Ibrahim Aminu Trader
Executive Director/CEO
Hon. Kafilat M Olakojo
LLB Law, LLM Int. Law
Bar. Peter Akaike Dauda
Legal Adviser - Abuja

Mr. Abraham Kehinde
Financial Economics - UK
Mr. Jide Osanaiye
MBA Finance - Abuja
Alh. Ahmed Idris
Fin & Mgt Consultant - Abuja
Dr. Jelili Olawore
Financial Consultant - USA