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About National Intervention Project on Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria

Achieving The Role of Entrepreneurship Development in Nigerian Economy

Entrepreneurship plays a great impact in the development of Nigerian economy as it is a business created by an individual or groups of individuals by innovating or taking risks with the aim of making profits or money. We must see vital roles plays by entrepreneurs and how their immense business knowledge has helped the cripple economy of the nation. The Role Of Entrepreneurship Development In Nigeria Economy).

What is entrepreneurship and who is an entrepreneur?

A person who runs a business, a firm is called an entrepreneur, person who manages the business, who create and new things, relevant things in the society and the country at large.

Roles of Entrepreneurship Development In Nigeria

The role of entrepreneurship development is played by an entrepreneur, someone who has reasons to set up a business, who has goals and work hard to achieve the goals. He or she has the idea, concept of new production to render to people in the country. An entrepreneur is also an ambitious person who has the ability to control and manage whatever things he possesses, and there must exist a passion burning concerning the particular business. Hence, without the impactful knowledge of entrepreneur, entrepreneurship might not thrive well especially in this part of the country, it will only end up as a roadside business and dies after every effort that was put in in the business.
Entrepreneurship is 99% communication, it is one of the ways people interact, communicate interfere and even discover new things in and around them. It is necessary and compulsory for entrepreneurs to create the habit of communicating. Basically, communication is an act that as to be imbibed by entrepreneurs because the beginning of any entrepreneurship solving must be problem discovering, and to discover any problem there must be a communication.

The Role Of Entrepreneurship Development In Nigeria Or Nigerian Economy

The success of any entrepreneur or any business depends on the value either the value the producers played on their products or the values the customers see in the products. First and foremost, an entrepreneur must value his or her products before anyone else can value them. So, therefore, the value position of any business boosts the business and earned the business great achievement, and of course for entrepreneurs to value the products they must have had more knowledge and understanding about the business likewise the customers.


In addition, entrepreneurs are risk takers, they do not restrict themselves of taking risks, they are bold men and women that take the good steps to success in achieving their goals. Yes, entrepreneurs overcome challenges faced in the process of starting a business or the process of making money.

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